The lake by the small village of La Morinais was dug in 1970, then ran by the owner as a shooting reserve for thirty years. Michael Walker discovered & bought the grounds from the original owner, when it went up for sale during the winter of 2000. The original lake was around five acres in size, then extended to eight & a half acres in 1986, when the two islands were formed.

During the first two years of the new ownership, fish were taken out & new stock added. Around thirty of the original fish were kept, two hundred & sixty were sold & one hundred & thirty new stock fish were added. In subsequent years, Grass Carp have been stocked to hold back weed growth, fourteen Catfish & twenty more home bred mirrors. The current carp stock (as at winter 2012) is around one hundred & thirty.  There are a few home grown stocked doubles coming through, a few twenties, most fish being thirty to fifty pounds. Three sixties have been caught this year to date, the largest (the lake record) going 64lbs 8oz.

The owner does not run the lake as a profit making enterprise, every penny of the income is used to fund the annual maintenance & new projects. The lake is only available for hire for twelve weeks of the year; every other week between mid April & mid October, closed during June after spawning.

If your idea of a good holiday is to drive up to your swim, have a permanent beer stack next to your bivvy, party on the bank all week while you wait for forty pounders to jump up your rods; the owner would recommend you visit one of the many other carp fisheries in Brittany. If you prefer a beautiful eight acre lake to yourself, completely unspoilt, pristine carp, excellent facilities, appreciate the very essence of fishing, enjoy a nice malt whiskey under the stars & ran by an owner who has a real passion for angling. Well, you will like it here. The option of using current high tec carp rigs & tackle or float fishing with a centre pin at the end of the tree, both methods, due to the low pressure, are equally effective.