4 – 10 September.


Fully booked.

Stipulations for fishing at La Morinais

The owner will tell you, during his time as custodian at La Morinais, he has got to know the lake intimately, gained some familiarity with the behaviour of the carp, watched anglers fish & the techniques they use. He has learnt how the carp react to the fishing methods employed in attempts to outwit them. These requirements are primarily for the ongoing benefit of the fish, but also some are in place to improve your chances of catching more fish. Due to the low angling pressure, the fish often behave very differently here.

  1. No bait boats. You are welcome to use the rowing boat for baiting.
  2. No spodding.
  3. If you leave your peg, baits must be taken out of the water.
  4. Three anglers maximum on site at any one time.
  5. Three rods maximum, maximum test curve of 3lbs.
  6. All hooks must be barbless or microbarb only, regardless of size.
  7. Do not bring landing nets, unhooking mats, weigh slings, sacks or keepnets through the gates, leave them at home. These will be provided for you when you arrive. Weighing tripods will also be provided.
  8. Grass carp must not be kept in sacks, not even for short periods, return them as soon as possible.
  9. No plastic baits.
  10. When using shock rigs, a safety rig/lead release system must be used.
  11. When fishing for carp, no lines less than 12lbs breaking strain are permitted.
  12. The marginal weed/filtration beds are not to be disturbed; Iris, Reed Mace, Carex or Norfolk Reed.
  13. No smoking inside any of the buildings.
  14. No cooking appliances are to be left unattended while cooking; inside or lakeside.
  15. When posting photographs following your visit, the lake must not be identified. Please respect my wishes.