News & Catch Reports

2022 Season


Last week before I shut shop for a couple of months. This week that perishing northerly wind blew up again, right up until Thursday.

Very difficult for Steve & John. All commons for Steve; 25, four 30’s & one at 40lb. Three grass carp on top, biggest 41lb.

For John, just two fish & one pie. The fish being a cat at 53.8 (taken out) & a mirror of 70lb 10oz.


First week of May; Steve Ringwood & Martin Good came back. This week was probably the most difficult they have experienced here, that northerly wind ‘that curse of doom’ as I call it. In the book Martin wrote ‘Continuous northerly wind chilled the whole lake. Few signs of feeding the day we arrived, temperature dropped & disappeared for the whole week’. That is exactly how it was unfortunately.

But there is always a ‘however’. Six fish total, including two big ones of 56.08 & 57.08. The other four went 29 mirror, 35.08 common, 27.08 grassie & 30lb grassie. It was easy to see, that Martin went home feeling lots of ‘Zen’, which for me, is a great result.

Third week of May, Richard & Phil came along again. In the Cabin Book, at the end of their list of captures, Phil wrote ‘we had to work extremely hard to buy a bite‘. Well, because you work ‘extremely hard’, is perhaps why you catch so many.

Twelve fish for Richard; he wrote 1×50, 1×45, 8×30’s & 2×20’s. For Phil; fourteen fish, Mirrors of 49.6, 51, 54, 61.10, 69.6, 45, 31, 25, 28 & 26. Four commons at 24, 31, 35 & 50 (that very very long fish). 


April can be from extreme to another & this first week in April certainly was. Devonians Jill & Roy suffered the consequences! The Monday morning news on the radio said ‘the coldest night in France for seventy years’. It did warm up during the week, changing to heavy rain & howling winds & westerlies. But the fish stayed behind the wind, up the shallows, until the end of the week.

Five Mirrors for Jill at; 20.06, 29.14, 29.12, 53.14 & 56.02. For shivering Roy; four Mirrors of 39.10, 33, 46 & 65.12. 

2021 Season


This time of year, the fish can really switch on, that Autumn hunger before winter. They didn’t. Rob, James & Gary had a difficult week here, the fish not very active. All three caught, the total of four mirrors at 52, 48, 25.13 & 44. Four commons at 29.07, 50.06, 37.12 & 30lb. 

Third week of the month & the same again, another week of little fish activity. First visit here for Jason Smith, just two fish, perhaps the smallest fish in the lake but then a new PB for him, a mirror at 58.08.  Sean took one fish, a new PB common at 51.08.


Prime time it can be, but the weather was hot, not the best September conditions. Lady Ballantine & Roy did their thing however, like they usually do, & caught fish; Commons of 51, 31, 32.12, 27, 29.06 & 32.12. Mirrors of 38.06, 33.08, 30.14, 64.14, 18.02, 55.06, 57.14, 38, 23.04, 46.08 & 53.08. The notable absence of the crays goes on. Heard the same from other lakes too.

Third week of September & Steve Godfrey had to make the visit on his own. In the book in the hut, I wrote; La Morinais & the one legged man. Being here on your own, with a knee replacement imminent, is not a good combination.  Steve did get a fish, a perfect bronze Autumn Common of 36lbs.


First weekly guests of the season; Steve & Rachel again. One notable capture was the big grass carp at 57lb. Seventeen fish total; eleven mirrors at 25, 35.12, 20.03, 70.12, 33.12, 49, 31.08, 44.02, 62.04, 55.04 & 28. Five commons going; 51.08, 17, 33.08, 26 & 25.08.

The seventy pounder, was the fish with the set of scales making a triangle below its dorsal. The photo does not do the fish justice, it was huge.  

Third week in August & the wanderers, Richard & Phil came back. Each time I go down to the lake, they are usually in a different place – usually where the fish are. Twenty seven fish total, In the cabin book they wrote;  Super tough weeks fishing. Had to work hard for the rewards. Most notable captures 8 forties, including the big linear at 47. The big plated mirror at 58.15, mirror at 60.04.

I am not sure how many, but a good number of these fish were caught up the shallows. 


Its all very quiet still….

Some lines have been cast into the lake however, by my group of friends ‘Les Peche Cailloux’. Fish so far have been; Steven 48.04 mirror, Freddy 46.02 mirror, Thibaud 50.02 mirror, Mike (yes me! making the time to go fishing) 34 common, 36.06 mirror, 39lb common.

A significant event here was on March 14th, Jenny Gay landed the first seventy pounder at 70lbs 14oz. There is definately something hormonious going on with my lady anglers here.

Into May & no sign of the Covid restrictions lifting yet. A few more short sessions for me; 36.10 mirror, 34.06 mirror, 16lb mirror & a cheeky 12lb common. Sunday morning, pressure dropped , then came the thunder storm. Ten minutes after it passed over, I finally landed one of the bigger commons at 53.02.